Value Proposition

Since their creation, collectible cards have covered different mediums, be it cardboard, paper or even plastic at times, yet they have always been represented on a physical medium. The advent of NFTs makes it possible to collect cards in a digital format, yet still, maintain a connection with their physical version.
Cross The Ages collectibles connect the digital with the physical world. Our new and innovative approach to the game allows for digital collectibles to not only exist in the digital world, but also take shape into a physical one. The digital experience blends with the physical experience to offer a seamless integration of both worlds and the markets they operate in.
The combination of NFTs as digital identifiers and NFCs serving as the twin identifiers for the physical asset ensures an added value that has not been seen before in the collectible market.
In addition to this unique approach, the Universe in which the saga takes place, as well as the artistic visuals created by over a hundred well-known artists, ensures that Cross The Ages has all the required potential and resources to go far beyond a collectible card game.
Sea Dragon & Keya
We are leveraging blockchain technology, to ensure that our players can:
  • Collect cards that will not be subject to any deterioration
  • Trace the membership history of each of these digital and physical cards to instantly verify its authenticity
  • Guarantee scarcity of the number of cards
  • Conduct 100% secure transactions without the fear of buying counterfeit products