Pranah is the "hard currency" of Cross The Ages products, meaning it is the digital currency that can only be obtained through purchase and is used to access secondary features such as cosmetics or to accelerate the acquisition of certain content.

Pranah is interoperable and identical across all CTA products.

What is Pranah used for?

Pranah is primarily used to acquire assets and certain services in the game, including Flex items such as boxes/packs, premium cosmetics and can also be exchanged for CTA Token.


  • Purchase Flex card boxes/packs

  • Purchase the event insignia

  • Purchase a relic

  • Purchase cosmetics


  • TBA


  • Exchange Pranah for CTA Token

  • Purchase premium subscription

How to get Pranah?

It is available for purchase through various payment methods including Credit Card and Cryptocurrencies, both within the products and on the CTA Portal.

It is also possible to obtain it as rewards during special events or tournaments.


  • Online stores

  • Physical cards from the Pranah collection

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