Mantris Presale Packs

During the Mantris Season 02 Presale from August to September 2023, 4 kinds of packs were offered:

All Mantris packs contain Season 2 cards in different quantities. They also all have their own Special Rare (SR) card Greek, Voranth, or Chaka. It's possible to get either the standard rank 1 version or an alternative version directly with the option of different grades, depending on the following probabilities:

  • 75% for a Standard version

  • 25% for an Alternative version

    • 70% grade C

    • 22% grade B

    • 7% grade A

    • 1% grade S

In both cases, 10% chance of getting the foil version.

If you have an alternative card of each (Greek, Voranth and Chaka), you will be able to craft the multiple combo according to the usual merge rules. You will also have a 1 in 3 chance of getting one of the 3 TechStyles of Greek, Voranth or Chaka.

Also, the Mantris pre-sale packs contain a ticket to be eligible for the Cross The Ages lands sale.

Greek Pack

Voranth Pack

Chaka Pack

Golden Chaka Pack

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